3 Yoga Props That Will Change Your Life

Yoga is a journey, not a destination. There are poses that your body will sink right into, and there are poses that will take time and practice to conquer. Flexibility, balance, and posture are key components in yoga, and the poses that are the most challenging will require you to take small, persistent steps to achieve. Yoga props are an excellent way to build up flexibility, assist with balance, and prevent injuries. Here are some essentials that will enhance your practice:

 Three Minute Egg:


The Three Minute Egg is an ergonomically designed yoga prop that takes blocks to a whole new level. Traditional yoga blocks are designed to elevate and support the body, and act as extensions when we can’t quite tackle the amount of stretch or flexibility needed to hold a pose. The Egg is designed to fit the curves and contours of the human body, and provides more gentle support while also allowing for motion. It’s also great for restorative poses to stretch the back and provide gentle support to the wrists, knees, and ankles. Eggs come in a variety of custom sizes and densities to accommodate your body weight and height.

Available at www.threeminuteegg.com

 Jevin Yoga Prop:

jevinThe Jevin yoga prop is brand new to the market, and yogis across the world are anticipating its launch this month. The Jevin provides similar benefits to a yoga strap, and offers more precision, stability, and grip. The Jevin can be used in countless poses. It can be used to assist in binds, add stability to balancing poses, or deepen stretches. The Jevin is unique because it provides a slip-resistant grip for the hands and feet, which allows for more precise and measured control. The Jevin comes in 6 sizes. For example, the larger sizes are great for adding extension and balance to standing poses, medium sizes can be used to stabilize the elbows while doing forearm balances, and small sizes can assist in binds.

Coming soon at www.jevinyoga.com

Manduka beLONG Foam Roller:high res manduka

One of the most effective ways to avoid injuries is to ensure muscles are not tense or tight, both before and after practicing. The Manduka foam roller helps to improve blood flow and circulation to muscles, and helps to stretch tendons and ligaments safely to protect delicate connective tissue. The roller is gently rolled across muscles and trigger points to release tension and knots. Consider it self-massage, a nice little gift you can give to yourself whenever you’re feeling tense.

Available at www.manduka.com


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