3 Ways Yoga Can Save and Enhance Your Relationship

We’ve all had times when we feel like our relationship is falling apart. Before you throw in the towel, try yoga. Here are some reasons why practicing yoga with your partner could help save and enhance your relationship:


Touch helps the adrenal glands release cortisol when we encounter stressful situations, which brings feelings of comfort and calmness. This is why a hug or physical affection help us feel better when we are upset. Partner yoga helps to cultivate a routine of engaging in touch that is associated with trust, strength, and compassion. Contrary to popular belief, tactile needs don’t decrease as we get older-they actually increase. Partner yoga can be as simple or complex as the ability level of the couple.



One of the most frustrating things that can happen in a relationship is falling out of sync with each other. When this happens, we feel like we are misunderstood, or that something is missing. One way to fill this void is to reserve time during the week to synchronize with each other. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it allows us to feel connected with someone without having to use words. Partner yoga poses require both partners to anticipate how and when to move their bodies based on cues such as breathing, eye gaze, and instinct.

The reason most people fall in love in the first place is because they feel that their partner understands them and is able to predict their needs without ever having to exchange words. Take a moment and remind yourselves of your capability to understand and be in tune with each other, and the little things that were making you angry won’t matter as much.


Release stress, anger, and tension.

Did you know it only takes about 60 seconds of trusting and loving touch to melt tension between you and your partner? When you feel like you’re about to explode, gather up your bravery and pride, and connect with each other by holding hands, or even sitting back to back. This will help you transition into a more peaceful place, and will remind you that anger is a construct of your own determination.


When you become fully focused on creating harmony between your body, your partner’s body, and the way your movement together creates a single entity, you are able to put all other thoughts aside. This allows you to breathe in the most fundamental and natural way and helps to diffuse the physiological symptoms of anger and stress.

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